updated 21 oct 2018

The SoCal TT

Angeles Crest Highway - 2004 SoCal TT

Next Event: tba Most reecent past event: SoCal TT, 13 - 14 October 2018. the heavy and unexpected rain roads and terrain umm "interesting" and challenging. familar roads demanded attention anew and many of us thought it was a better drive for it. the second day was clear and a wonderful drive.

What is the SoCal TT? A two-day (one overnight) rally on public roads, for old (pre-1976) and exotic road going contraptions.
The SoCal TT is for four-wheeled vehicles; the Cycle TT for two or three wheeled.
When is it? The SoCal TT takes place in October; The Cycle TT is in May. Check above for the dates of upcoming events.
Where does it go? The TT begins in Los Angeles in the vicinity of Echo Park, overnights somewhere in Southern California, and returns to Los Angeles.
What are the roads like? The tour consists of a variety of mountain roads (twisty), and some desert roads (straighter). There may also be dirt and gravel roads.
How much does it cost? Check the application form for the upcoming event.
What's included? Event T-shirt, patch, and rally stickers, hotel accomodations, chase vehicle support, and the gala awards dinner!
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Photos and info from past events:

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